Our new products are arriving
Our new products are arriving
4/1/2017 - 0 Comments
Posted by Baja Racing Gear (Shannon Monahan)
We at Baja Racing Gear originally got into this business by accident. We had some friends that raced the Sportsman Quad class in SCORE International races, and they asked if we could figure out a communications system for their team. The rest is history. We have been catering to the lower budget teams for over two years now, and have really come a long way. We now sponsor 6 teams who race SCORE, Best In The Desert, AZOP (Arizona Off-Road Promotions), District Races in California and more, and our product offering has more than tripled, and will be going higher soon. Here we are, a few months into 2017, and we have made a deal with HD Headsets which finally allows us to offer Intercom's, all it's related equipment. Headsets, cords, high quality helmet kits and harnesses, mounts, and HD is continuing to develop so we are sure there is more to come.

We have also been hinting of a new product, with an estimated release sometime in April that will knock your socks off. We still can't tell you what it is, but trust us you will love it!

Another product we anticipate releasing sometime in May or June of 2017 is a Bluetooth Race Headset. Small enough to fit inside your helmet, with a wireless PTT Button (push to talk), and what we are told is DAYS of battery life. It has been developed by an engineer who is a racer himself, so we think this product will be stellar. We anticipate a price point on this to be between $100 and $120, which makes it very affordable.

So, hold on to your bars, because we will be adding products to the website over the next several weeks. We need to dust off our Polaroid Camera for some photos! :)

Gear Up!

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