2017 BITD UTV World Championships
2017 BITD UTV World Championships
4/20/2017 - 0 Comments
Posted by Shannon
     This years UTV World Championships in Laughlin Nevada was like no other before. Why? Because the legendary Casey Folks was noticeably absent. The recent passing of Casey has left a hole in off-road racing that may never be filled. Just his presence alone is enough to make things run smooth. We are not saying staff didn't do a good job, but what we are saying is that nothing was learned from last years event and applied to this one. We feel if Casey was around, adjustments would have been made to accommodate all the race teams, especially in the hot pit area. It was a "HOT" mess. The UTV race had most of the issues, with just not enough room for all the pit folks to get up on the line. They made the best of it, with teams doubling up and even tripling up, but it could have been done differently. We hope you're listening BITD, get it right next year please!

     As usual, the motos and quads came second. It's like they are an afterthought. Please remember who got you to where you are, and make some adjustments. Nuff said there.

     The weather was perfect! Laughlin as a city was very welcoming to us all. The Edgewater had some live music going on all weekend. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Contingency worked out well this year with plenty of vendors and toys to look at. Some food vendors (BBQ) would have been nice (unless we just didn't see them).

All in all I would say BITD did a good job. Great awards banquet, the 8 year old boy with cancer who raced was a great thing to be highlighted. Perseverance, it is a wonderful thing.

Adios and see ya next year!

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