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Power Banks

As mobile device abilities and functions increase and we use them for much more than phone calls and text messages, the battery life is growing shorter and shorter. We carry a full line of portable Powerbanks, ranging from 2600 mAh good for 1 charge, up to 20,000 mAh good for 10 charges, providing a solution for whatever your needs may be. Now you can get away for the weekend without losing touch with any of the Powerbanks sold on our website. Whether you’re having a secluded beach weekend or escaping into the woods, in meetings, on a flight, having a PowerBank available ensures running out of battery power is not something to worry about. Powerbanks allow you to check your Facebook, take pictures, take notes, use email, or watch a movie all without worrying about your device running out of power. Lightweight and durable, these smooth, easy-to-use chargers are perfect to slip in a pocket, purse, backpack and know that power is always available at a moments notice.

* For best performance, charge fully before first use. Allow powerbank to run below a 25% charge remaining before recharging. Charging Results may vary based on usage patterns.

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HyperGear 4000mAh Lightning & Micro USB Portable Charger
Its a hassle to hunt down free outlets when youre on the go. Active lifestyles need portable power. This pocket-sized powerhouse is the ultimate all-in-one solution to keep your everyday essentials powered up. Featuring a 4000mAh capacity and built-in Micro USB and MFi Lightning connectors, this portable...
HyperGear Stik Power Bank 2600mAh with Flash Light - Black
HyperGear Stik Power Bank 2600mAh with Flash Light - Black Imagine being able to take your rechargeable power pack wherever you go. Designed to fit right in your purse or pocket, the portable HyperGear Stik Power Bank proves to be that go-anywhere ultra-modern charger. By simply using the included USB...
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