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The MagBuddy Hands free kits are simply the best of its kind. Featuring innovative designs, along with use of high quality materials, and great pricing, our products are the best solution for any of your handsfree needs. With various models to choose from, we carry a solution for every type of vehicle. We also feature solutions for hands free cell phone and tablet use for the home and office.


For the most part, California’s cellphone and distracted driving laws are considered “primary” offenses—meaning a police officer can pull you over for a violation. But California’s ban on hands-free device use for underage drivers is a “secondary” offense. So, an officer can’t stop a driver based solely on a suspected violation of the underage hands-free law. However, if an officer detains an underage motorist for some other legitimate reasons (like speeding) and discovers unlawful use of a hands-free device, the officer can cite the motorist for the violation. (Cal. Veh. Code § 23124 (2017).)

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MagBuddy Plates
The Naztech MagBuddy Plate provides the safest mounting whether youre at home, at the office, or on-the-go! With rare-earth neodymium magnets built in, this plate provides a magnetic attraction that seamlessly attracts and secures your device. Choose between a soft, velvet backing or our strong, sticky...
MagBuddy Anywhere + Magnetic Mount
MagBuddy Anywhere + Magnetic Mount Mobile devices have become an indispensable tool. We rely on them to keep track of our calendar, stay on top of our social media feeds, and look up information quickly. Naztechs MagBuddy Anywhere + Universal Magnetic Mount is a new cradle-less mounting system designed...
MagBuddy Dash Telescopic Mount
The Naztech MagBuddy Telescopic Mount is the safest, most versatile, high-functioning magnetic mounting solution! Rare-earth magnets work together with a two-step quick-lock vacuum suction cup to secure your device for easy one-hand operation even with those bulky cases! The telescopic arm extends up...
MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount
The Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount features an innovative magnetic system that fastens your smartphone in a convenient position while driving! Utilizing high-powered magnets, the magnetic plate attracts and secures your device without any cradle needed; keeping your device safe without hooking it...
MagBuddy Windshield Mount
Easily and conveniently secures your phone magnetically so you can attach and detach with just one hand! These rare, neodymium magnets provide a strong, secure bond without residue, keeping your device 100% safe even on the bumpiest roads! Enjoy hands-free conversations and GPS at your fingertips with...
MagBuddy Desktop Mount
The Naztech MagBuddy easily and conveniently secures your device magnetically so you can attach and detach with little or no effort! Enjoy hands-free conversations and easy access to your apps, messages, emails, photos, and videos with Naztechs MagBuddy for your Desktop! Special Features: Universal compatibility...
MagBuddy Headrest Mount
Are we there yet? Happy Passengers make for a smoother ride (and Happier Driver!), but built-in headrest monitors not only cost an arm and a leg, they limit you to in-car entertainment Only. Theres a better option for passengers AND drivers: Transform any headrest into a Multimedia Center with the MagBuddy...
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